Fundraising Trips

Turn your group trip into a fundraiser for your organization.

Raise funds for charitable purposes with your group trip.

Does your organization need funds? Well, which organization doesn’t? Or would you like to raise money for your favorite charity? What better way to raise money, than to combine your fundraising efforts with an activity where everyone has fun – Do it on vacation!


Here’s how it works:

When you book your group trip with us, just tell us that you’d like to make it a fundraiser or charitable event.  We can then help you raise money in one of several ways.



The easiest way to turn your trip into a fundraiser of any kind, is to add a set dollar amount to the price for each traveler in your group. It can be as little as $5, and can go as high as you like. However, if the amount is too high, it can keep many folks from traveling with you. A common amount is between $30 and $50 per traveler. For example, suppose you have a group of 50, with $30 added to each fare. Your organization or charity would benefit by $1,500.00. Obviously, with larger groups or larger dollar add-ons, the amount generated would increase. And everyone will have had fun, while supporting your efforts to raise funds. Further, depending upon the purpose for the funds raised, the extra portion may be tax-deductible for your group members.

As practical examples, using the add-on method, our 2006 Baja Cruise was a fundraiser for the California Grand Chapter, Order of the Easter Star, and our 2006 Hawaii Cruise was a charitable fundraiser, with the extra amount going to the California Masonic Foundation.


Share the wealth

Our group discounts are normally quite a significant savings over the normal book price.  For instance, on a particular cruise, we may save our passengers $150 on a particular category stateroom, and $125 on a different category.  With the concept of “Share the Wealth”, we can pass a portion of the savings onto the passenger, while retaining the rest of it for the fundraiser.   For example, that stateroom with a savings of $150, could be offered at $75 less than retail (50% of the savings).  The additional $75 would be paid by the passenger, and retained for the fundraiser.  This might differ from stateroom category to stateroom category, and trip to trip.   This concept is very similar to the Add-On method, but it utilizes specific percentages, rather than simply adding on an arbitrary number.  Either way, the traveler gets a bargain price, and the contribution is painless.


Travel Credit

Another way to make your trip a fundraiser, is for you, as the group leader, to donate back the travel credit earned (see our page on Arranging a Group Trip).  In some instances, there are several group leaders on a single trip, all of whom might earn travel credit.  Depending upon the nature and length of the trip, and the number of travelers, this credit could be several thousand dollars.


Matching Donations or Give-backs

In certain, very limited situations, we may be able to convince a travel supplier to augment or match donations made, or to give back certain fees, or in other ways assist in the fundraising efforts.

You can see that raising funds while on va cation can be fun, rewarding, and beneficial.