Group Travel Services

Star & Compass Travel is an independent agency, providing a full range of services for individuals, families, affinity groups, and conferences. We specialize in group travel for the Masonic Family.

Trip Selection and Arrangements

If you are a group leader or presiding officer, or you are going to be soon, and are considering taking your group on a cruise, a tour, or any type of trip, we can make all the arrangements for you. Simply tell us where you want to go and any preferences you have, and we do the rest. We will select the right ship or tour provider to assure that the needs of your group are fulfilled. We’ll also help you select an itinerary that is most appropriate to the interests of your group. We then take care of everything else:

  • Marketing the Trip
  • Booking the Travelers
  • Accounting
  • Transportation
  • Arranging Meeting / Event Facilities
  • Answering Questions
  • Arranging for Travel Insurance
  • Delivering all Information and Documents
  • Arranging pre- and post-trip

Travel for Free

Opportunities exist for you to earn a free trip by organizing a travel group. Cruise lines in particular customarily provide a free stateroom for every 16 staterooms booked. In certain situations, we are able to arrange a free stateroom for every 12 staterooms booked.

Fundraising Events

If your group needs to raise funds, we can show you how to raise thousands of dollars by organizing a travel group. In addition, the members of your group will benefit from substantial group price discounts.

Cruise / Tour Hosts

We will travel with you, and take care of everything during the trip, so you, as the group leader, are not required to be constantly available to the members of your group. We allow you the chance to truly enjoy your trip. We take care of all the questions, like, “Where do I find…”, and “How do I get to…”, and “When is dinner?”

As the hosts of your trip, we will:

  • Meet and Greet all Travelers
  • Arrange private get-togethers and parties
  • Deal directly with Tour / Cruise Staff
  • Coordinate and Assist with Shore Excursions / Side Trips
  • Act as the Central Point of Contact
  • Provide Timely Information to all Group Members

Conventions and Conferences at Sea

Why not hold your next convention aboard a luxury cruise ship? With our experience in planning onboard meetings, we will assist you in putting together an event that will long be remembered. We can help select the ship that has the best facilities to suit your needs, and can assist you with all arrangements.

“Initiation at Sea” Program

Our proven program can help you bring new members into your Masonic Family group while onboard a cruise ship. We have the experience to help you arrange the ceremony, and equipment and paraphernalia that can be easily transported onto a ship and set up quickly. We will make contact with state and/or national governing bodies, to help you obtain dispensation to perform initiation ceremonies on the trip.