Our Proven “Initiation at Sea” Program

We have wide experience in helping Masonic organizations initiate new members onboard ship. We have arranged and participated in initiation ceremonies, with appropriate dispensation from the respective Grand or Supreme bodies, for the Order of the Eastern Star, York Rite Masonry, and the Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots.

If you are planning a trip for your Masonic group, and would like to participate in the unique and fascinating “Initiation at Sea” program, we can help you in making all the arrangements.  In addition, we have lightweight, portable furniture (podiums, altars, star points), paraphernalia (gavels, Bibles, altar cloths, podium covers, pyramids, etc), and other equipment needed to put on a fine degree while onboard ship.  The owners and staff of Star & Compass Travel, combined, are members of most Masonic organizations, and can be present at and assist with most of the ceremonies.

Here is how Star & Compass can help

  • We will make certain that the ship you select has the appropriate onboard facilities which can be secured, and will allow an impressive and uninterrupted ceremony.  Or we will make sure there is a Masonic building or other appropriate facility onshore in which to perform the degree.
  • We will assist you in contacting the appropriate Grand or Supreme body, to obtain dispensation to perform the ritual work at sea, or at an onshore location in one of our ports of call.
  • We will help in contacting members of your group to assure that all parts for the ceremony are filled by qualified individuals.
  • We will assure that degree team members and candidates are aware, prior to departure, of the appropriate dress required for the ceremony.
  • We will arrange the onboard or onshore schedule such that the ceremony is conducted at a time convenient to your degree team and candidates, and which will not interfere with other activities.
  • We will provide the furniture, paraphernalia, and equipment appropriate for the ceremony to be performed. We will bring it onboard and assist you in setting it up.  We will then help take it all down and carry it back with us.
  • We will be in constant communication with cruise staff or other appropriate personnel, to assure that there are no scheduling conflicts, that there will be no unauthorized ship’s crew or staff who might enter the facility while ritual is being performed, and that there are no unwanted observers (in a control booth or other area) or video surveillance in the facility during the time of the ceremony.
  • We will communicate with all members of your particular organization who are onboard, invite them to the event, and make sure they are aware of the date, time, and place (and provide directions if the event is onshore).
  • We will be present at and take part in the ceremony, if possible by membership in that organization, and if desired by you.
  • We will do anything else necessary to assure that you, your organization, and your candidates will be happy, impressed, and proud of the ceremony.

The members who have been initiated at sea are all proud to have taken part in this
very special program, and they can often be heard relating the stories of their
unique experience to their Masonic Family brothers and sisters.

Please let us know if we can help.